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Deleting a Class

Deleting a class deletes attributes defined on the class. Deleting a class also deletes all subclasses of the class. Deleting a class does not delete the products assigned to the class or its subclasses.

For example, product A belongs to class B. There are six attributes defined on
class B. This means product A has six attributes defined for it. If class B is deleted, product A no longer has attributes defined for it.

To prepare a product class for deletion

  1. Run a query in the Products list to identify all the products assigned to the class.
  2. Delete the class from these product records.

    If there are attributes defined on the class, analyze the effect of removing these attributes from the products.

  3. Verify that no pricing rules are defined for the class or attributes defined on the class.
  4. Verify that no configuration rules refer to the class or to attributes defined on the class.
  5. Verify that no customizable product relationships of type Class or Dynamic Class have been defined using the class.
  6. Review the UI design for all customizable products containing the class.
  7. Redefine groups as needed to remove the class from groups.

Before deleting a class definition, make sure you have fully analyzed the impact on attribute inheritance.

Also make sure you have analyzed the impact on pricing rules, configuration rules, and UI design.

To delete a class definition

  1. Verify that all steps in preparing a product class for deletion are complete.
  2. Navigate to Application Administration > Class Administration.

    The Class Administration view appears.

  3. Select the desired the class.
  4. From the Classes menu, choose Delete Record.
  5. Click OK when asked to confirm you want to delete the record.
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