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Deleting a Customizable Product's Structure

When you delete a customizable product's structure, all previously released versions of the customizable product are deleted. Its rules, user interface definition, resources, links, and scripts are also deleted.

Deleting a customizable product's structure affects all existing quotes containing the product. Remove the customizable product from all such quotes first.

To delete a customizable product's structure

  1. Remove the customizable product from all existing quotes.
  2. Navigate to Product Administration.
  3. Select and lock the desired customizable product.
  4. From the Lock/Unlock Product menu, choose Delete Record.

    The current work space and all released versions are deleted. All other aspects of the customizable product, including the UI design, links, resources, and scripts are also deleted.

    In the product record, the check mark in the Customizable check box is removed.

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