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Adding a Single Product

Use this procedure to create a relationship that contains a single product.

The product you select must be orderable. To make a product orderable, place a check mark in the Orderable check box in the product record.

When you are finished adding products, you can verify your work by validating the customizable product. Validating a customizable product displays the selection pages a user sees during a configuration session. To validate the customizable product, from the Products Designer menu, choose Validate.

To add a single-product relationship

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select and lock the desired customizable product.
  3. From the Customizable Product Show menu, choose Product Designer.

    The Product Designer view appears.

  4. Add a new record.
  5. Enter a relationship name.
  6. Click in the Product field to expose the select button. Click the select button.

    A dialog box appears that displays all the available products.

  7. In the dialog box, select the desired product.

    The record appears in the Product Designer.

  8. Set the Min, Max and Default Cardinalities.
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