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About the Role of the Product UI Designer

Using the Product UI Designer, you can define the page or series of pages that display during a configuration session. These pages display when the user configures a customizable product as part of creating a quote in the Quotes screen. They also display when a user selects a customizable product in an eSales Web page. The same pages display when an administrator validates a customizable product.

The pages that display during the configuration process are called selection pages. The user makes selections from these pages to configure the customizable product.

The interface you design is stored with the customizable product. Use the following process to design the selection pages for a customizable product:

  1. Choosing a basic page layout. You set the basic look and feel of the customizable product's selection pages by choosing a base theme in the Versions tab. Several base themes are provided. You can also build your own base themes.
  2. Choosing a method of presenting products. There are several ways to present your products. You can present them all on one page, you can set up several tabbed pages, or you can set up a wizard to guide the user through pages sequentially. You select a product theme in the Versions tab. You can also build your own product themes.
  3. Choosing what items a page will contain. You can choose which items to display on a page using a grouping mechanism provided in the Product UI Designer. You can add to a group the items in a relationship, the attributes of the customizable product, its links, or its resources. Depending on the product theme, each group displays on a separate page.
  4. Choosing how items will be selected. When you add an item to a group in the Product UI Designer, you can choose among several user interface control types for it such as combo box, check box, radio button, quantity box, and text box. These UI control types determine how the user goes about selecting an item.

The user interface you design is part of the customizable product's current work space. When you release a customizable product, the user interface is stored as part of the released version.

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