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Mapping eConfigurator 6.x Features
to Release 7.x

This chapter provides a conceptual mapping of release 6.x eConfigurator to
release 7.x eConfigurator features. Users of 6.x eConfigurator should use this chapter to help them understand the similarities and differences between 6.x and release 7.x eConfigurator.

The mappings are intended to present features that are functionally similar. That one feature maps into another does not mean that the release 7.x feature is exactly equivalent or works in exactly the same way.

The topics in this chapter are presented in roughly the same order as the topics in Version 6.2 of the Siebel eConfigurator Guide.

This chapter does not describe the features of the eConfigurator implemented using Siebel Interactive Designer. This method of creating customizable products is new in release 7.0.

This chapter covers the following topics:

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