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Translating an Attribute Display Name and Description

Use this procedure to translate both the display name for an attribute and its description.

To translate an attribute display name and description

  1. Navigate to Application Administration > Class Administration.
  2. Select the product class where the attribute you want to translate is defined.
  3. In Dynamic Attributes, select the attribute you want to translate.
  4. Click the Attribute Translations tab.
  5. In the Attribute Translations tab, click New.

    A new record appears.

  6. Click in the new record's Code field and select a language code from the Language Name dialog box.

    The record is updated with the language name and language code.

  7. Enter the translation of the display name in the Display Name field.
  8. Enter the translation of the description in the Description field.
  9. Click Save to save the record.

    The record is updated and displays the translations.

  10. Repeat these steps to create additional language translations for this attribute's Display Name and Description.
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