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About Working with Product Administration

This section gives you background that you need for working with product administration.

Screens Used for Product Administration

Product Administration and Application Administration are the two screens you will use most frequently to perform the tasks in this guide:

  • The Product Administration screen is where you create and manage products.
  • The Application Administration screen is where you define the product classification system and its attributes. You also define lists of values and other things that support product definitions.

The path syntax used throughout this guide is based on an English language installation in Windows 2000 environment. Modify the path syntax as needed for other languages and operating systems.

Logging On as the Siebel Administrator

The Siebel database server installation script creates a Siebel administrator account that can be used to perform the tasks described in this guide. For more information, see Siebel Server Installation Guide and Siebel Server Administration Guide.

To log on as the Siebel administrator, start the application and log on using the user name and password assigned by your database administrator. Generally, the Siebel administrator connects to the server database.

CAUTION:  Do not perform system administrative functions on your local database. Although there is nothing to prevent you from doing this, it can have serious results. Examples include: data conflicts, an overly large local database, a large number of additional transactions to route.

License Key Requirements

This guide describes basic product management tasks. It also describes how to use Siebel eConfigurator to create and manage customizable products. To use Siebel eConfigurator, you must have the appropriate license keys installed.

You access Siebel eConfigurator through the Customizable Product and Configuration Designer tabs in the Product administration screen.

Product Administration Guide