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Creating a Rule Template

When you create and save a rule, the rule becomes part of the customizable product. The rule is not visible in other customizable products.

When you create and save a rule as a template, it is added to the list of templates. The list of templates is visible in all customizable products. Create templates for those rules that you will use with several customizable products.

Templates that refer to items in one customizable product cannot be used to refer to items in another customizable product. Items include products, relationships, links, links and resources. For example, you write the following rule for customizable product CP1and save the rule as a template called A Requires B:

Product A requires Product B

You also have customizable product CP2, that includes Product A and Product B. You want to write the same rule for CP2.

If you use the template A Requires B in CP2, you will receive a validation error when you validate CP2. This is because each item in a customizable product receives a unique item ID. This item ID is what the system stores as the item name when you create a rule or a rule template in a customizable product. This ID is not transferable to other customizable products.

Since rule templates can be used across all customizable products, rule templates cannot be edited or deleted.

To create a rule template

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select and lock the desired customizable product.

    If you omit this step, the most recently released version of the customizable product is loaded in the Rule Designer.

  3. Click the Configuration Designer tab.

    The Rule Designer Rules List appears. It lists all the configuration rules that have been created for this customizable product.

  4. From the Rules List menu, choose New Template.

    The Pick a rule list appears.

  5. Create the desired rule that you want to use as a template.
  6. Click Save Template and fill out the Custom Template Definition form.
    • Name. This is the template name that displays in the Pick a rule list.
    • Template Identifier. This text string uniquely identifies the template. It does not display to users.
    • Spec. This field describes the template syntax. Tip: The rule syntax displays in the form below this field. Highlight the syntax and copy it into the Spec field.
    • Description. This field describes what the template does. The description displays in the Pick a rule list.
  7. Click Save to save the template.

    The new template name appears in the Pick a rule list.

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