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Constrain Resource Value

The Constrain Resource Value template has the form:

[A resource] [>] [a value]

The template has three parts. The first operand names the resource.

The operator, [>], defines how the resource is related to the second operand, [a value]. The operator is limited to numeric comparisons (=, <, >, and so on).

The [a value] operand can be any of the following:

  • The quantity of a product in the solution
  • The quantity of items from another relationship in the solution
  • The quantity of items in the solution from a class within a relationship
  • The value of an attribute (the data type for the attribute must be number or integer)
  • A number

The "Insert a" tab provides two sets of arithmetic functions that allow you to combine these items into expressions.

Use the Constrain Resource Value template to define limits on the value of a resource. For example, you can constrain a resource to be greater than 0 and less than 5.

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