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Set Initial Attribute Value

The Set Initial Attribute Value template has the form:

[An attribute] has an initial value of [a number]

The Set Initial Attribute Value template sets the numeric value of an item's attribute at the beginning of a configuration session. The attribute must be of data type Number or Integer. The attribute can have either an LOV or range of values type domain.

Setting an attribute value in this fashion brings the attribute value under the control of all its contributors. This means that the attribute value must exactly equal the sum of all its contributors. For example, if during the configuration session, the amount contributed by provide and consume rules exactly equals the attribute value, users will not be able to change the attribute value. If not, the user can adjust the value, but only if this also adjusts the amount contributed by the provide and consume rules.

To set the initial value of an attribute that has a non-numeric data type, use the Set Preference template.

This template cannot be used to set the attributes of customizable products that are components in a customizable product. For example, customizable product CP1 has as one of its components customizable product CP2. You cannot use this template to set the values of attributes in CP2.

If the product administrator has set the value of an attribute in the Dynamic Attributes list, this value cannot be overridden by a configuration rule or by the eConfigurator engine.

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