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Deleting a Script

After deleting a script, test the customizable product in validation mode to verify that the product works correctly.

To delete a script

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select and lock the desired customizable product.

    If you omit this step, the most recently released version of the customizable product is loaded in the Script Designer, and you cannot create or edit scripts.

  3. Click the Configuration Designer tab.
  4. From the Configuration Designer menu, choose Script Designer.

    The Script Designer Scripts list appears. It displays the scripts that have been created for this customizable product.

  5. Select the script you want to delete
  6. From the Scripts menu, choose Delete Record.

    Click OK when asked to confirm you want to delete this record. The record no longer displays in the Customizable Product Scripts list.

  7. Open the Script Designer list menu and click Validate.

    This starts a configuration session. Verify that the customizable product functions correctly.

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