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About Product Names

Several scripting methods have product name as an argument. Product name in this context means the name of a component product you have added from the product table to a customizable product. You must specify product names in a way that makes them unique. You do this by specifying the product name, vendor name, vendor location, and attribute values.

Specify product names using the following syntax:

{ProductName; VendorName; VendorLocation}; AttributeName1=Value1; AttributeName2=Value2; ...

Observe the following guidelines when specifying product names:

  • ProductName is required. All other arguments are optional.
  • The order of items in the name is important. ProductName must be followed by VendorName. VendorName must be followed by VendorLocation. You cannot specify ProductName followed by VendorLocation.
  • If ProductName is unique, you do not have to include VendorName or VendorLocation, and you do not need to enclose ProductName in braces.

The following are examples of product names:

  • {ProductName; VendorName}; AttributeName=Value
  • ProductName; AttributeName=Value
  • ProductName
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