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Querying for Products with the Same Generation Method

You can query for all the products that have the same part number generation method. This allows you to check whether you have duplicate generation method names and whether you have assigned generation methods correctly.

To query for products with the same generation method

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Open the drop-down menu in the Part Number Method field.

    This menu lists all the part number generation methods that have been defined for all classes.

  3. Verify that the menu does not contain duplicate names.

    If it does, this means you have defined a generation method with the same name on more than one product class. Consider editing the generation method names so that each name is unique.

  4. In query mode, enter an asterisk (*) in the Part Number Method field and start the query.

    This displays all the product records for which a generation method has been selected.

  5. Verify that each group of records with the same generation method name has the correct class name.
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