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Editing a Predefined Generation Method

You can edit a predefined generation method in several ways:

  • Edit the name of the generation method
  • Delete the generation method
  • Edit the part numbers in a generation method's part number matrix
  • Add or delete records in a generation method's part number matrix
  • Regenerate the part number matrix, using different attributes

If you edit the name of a generation method or delete the method, the change is reflected in all product records to which the method is assigned. For example, you delete the generation method Predefined1. All product records that have Predefined1 as the Part Number Method, no longer have an assigned generation method.

If you edit the part number matrix for a generation method, the changes become effective immediately. The next time the product is added to quote, order, and so on, the revised part number scheme will be used. The part numbers assigned to products are not changed. You can update the part number by reselecting the product attributes.

If you add or remove attributes defined on a class or change attribute values, these changes are not propagated to the generation method. You must manually update the method. To do this, see Updating a Generation Method with Attribute Changes.

To edit a predefined generation method

  1. Navigate to Application Administration > Class Administration and query for the desired product class.
  2. Click Part Number Definitions.

    A list of the part number generation methods defined on the product class appears.

  3. To delete a generation method, from the Part Number Definitions menu, choose Delete Record.
  4. To edit a generation method name, click the method name in the Name field.

    The Part Number Method view appears.

  5. To edit the part number matrix, click the Attribute Matrix tab.

    The part number matrix appears.

  6. Edit existing records as desired.
  7. To add records, click New.

    Enter an attribute value for each attribute, and enter a part number.

  8. Delete records for attribute combinations as desired.
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