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Viewing a Product's Smart Part Number in a Quote

The part number displayed in the Part # field throughout the application and in quotes, orders, and so on is the internally assigned part number. This part number is different than the smart part number, which displays in a separate field.

Before viewing a product's smart part number in a quote, you must assign a part number generation method to the product. See Assigning a Generation Method to a Product.

Assigning a generation method to a product does not cause a smart number to be generated in existing quotes containing the product.

To view a product's smart part number in a quote

  1. Create a quote containing the product.
  2. Navigate to Quotes > Line Items.
  3. Highlight the desired product and click Line Item Detail.
  4. Locate the Smart Part Number field.

    You may need to expand the Line Item Detail form to make the Smart Part Number field visible.

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