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eConfigurator API

This section summarizes the APIs available to the Siebel eConfigurator, version 7.5.x and focuses on a segment of those APIs.

This section introduces advanced users to APIs. It assumes that you know Siebel eConfigurator and Siebel server architecture. Implementing the APIs described in this section also requires proficiency in Siebel EAI and Siebel Object Interfaces.

To use these APIs, the user should be familiar with the following:

  • Siebel Business Process Designer
  • Runtime Events (personalization) if invoked from the UI
  • Siebel Object Interfaces
  • A Siebel scripting language (Siebel VB or Siebel eScript)
  • Recursive programming techniques
  • Constraint satisfaction theory
  • Underlying behavior of the Siebel eConfigurator
  • Siebel product definition data model
  • Siebel property set representation of data (creation and transformation)
  • EAI Transports and Interfaces

Available APIs

There are three main groups of APIs used for accessing Siebel eConfigurator. These APIs are supported by the Complex Object Instance Service.

  • Group 1: UI
    • CPRUI Service API as Siebel Web Template items.
    • DOM API within the browser inherent in JavaScript and HTML.
  • Group 2: Model
    • Scripts that execute in the context of the current session and are implemented as part of the configuration model in the Script Designer View.
  • Group 3: Instance
    • This API is for using Siebel eConfigurator or for manipulating the configuration session from a place other than the Configurator runtime UI.
    • The Remote Complex Object Instance Service is a business service that is available for accessing the Instance API.
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