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Siebel eConfigurator Server Deployment

There are two options for deploying server-based Siebel eConfigurator:

  • You can run eConfigurator in the Application Object Manager. If you do this, caching-related parameters are set in the Application Object Manager.
  • You can run eConfigurator as a separate Siebel Server component named Siebel Product Configurator Object Manager (eProdCfgObjMgr). The name of its component group is Siebel ISS (ISS). This component is typically run on a dedicated server. If you use this option, parameters are set on the Application Object Manager to point to one or more remote server machines, and caching-related parameters are set on eProdCfgObjMgr. This Object Manager receives and processes requests from the Application Object Manager (for example, Siebel Call Center) for each user configuration session.

For more information about Siebel eConfigurator server topology issues and performance tuning, see Siebel Performance Tuning Guide.

For more information about setting server parameters, see Siebel Server Administration Guide.

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