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Mapping Fields

Administrators can map individual fields between the Siebel and PIM domains. This mapping determines which fields in the Siebel application are synchronized with which fields in Microsoft Exchange Server and vice versa.

Administrators can turn synchronization on or off for each individual mapped field.

NOTE:  In SSSE, some editable Exchange fields are mapped to Siebel pick list fields. If data for these fields is entered in Microsoft, typographical errors and case mismatches can cause synchronization problems. To minimize this possibility, you can set the Siebel pick list fields to be case insensitive. For information about enabling field-specific case insensitivity, see Applications Administration Guide.

To create a new field mapping

  1. From the Siebel application menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - PIM Server Integration > Domain Map.
  2. In the Domain Map list, select a record.
  3. In the Field Map list, click New, and then fill in the fields for the new record using the following values.

    Siebel Field

    Select a Siebel field.

    PIM Field

    Select a PIM field.

    LOV Translation Map

    Select an appropriate List of Values (LOV) translation map.

    Key Field

    Select this check box if you want this field to be a key field. See Setting Key Fields.

    Sync Enabled

    Select this check box if you want this field synchronized. For more information about synchronizing specific fields, see Setting Field-Level Synchronization.

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