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Example of Changing Siebel Domain Configurations (Existing Field)

This topic gives one example of changing SSSE configuration settings as part of customizing SSSE. You may use this feature differently, depending on your business requirements.

Continuing with the example from Example of Changing Integration Objects (Existing Field), you want to change the name of the existing EmployeePosition field to Position. To accomplish this, you must change the Siebel domain configuration.

To change a Siebel domain configuration for an existing field

  1. From the application-level menu, select Navigate > Site Map > Administration - PIM Server Integration > Siebel Domains.
  2. In the Siebel Domains list, select the record for the Siebel Employee domain.
  3. In the Siebel Domain Fields list, click Sync Fields.
  4. In the Siebel Domain Fields list, use standard query techniques to display all records with Name set to Position.

    In some circumstances, more than one record may be displayed.

  5. Find the Position record in which both Name and Field Identifier are set to Position, and set Field Type to Job Title in that record.
  6. If another Position record exists in which Name is set to Position, but Field Identifier is set to EmployeePosition, select that record and click Delete.
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