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Installing Siebel Exchange Connector

Siebel Exchange Connector software acts as the liaison between PIMSI Engine and the Microsoft Exchange Server. This topic describes how to install Exchange Connector software. This task is a step in Roadmap for Installing SSSE.

Exchange Connector software can run on the same machine as PIMSI Engine, or it can run on a separate machine that is equipped with the sspicnea.exe executable file and certain SSSE DLLs. Any Exchange Connectors that reside on machines that do not contain PIMSI Engines are known as remote Exchange connectors.

When you install PIMSI Engine, Exchange Connector software is automatically installed on the same machine. Whether or not you use the Exchange Connector software on a PIMSI Engine machine depends on later configuration steps.

There is no stand-alone installation available for remote Exchange Connectors. The following procedure describes how to install a remote Exchange Connector.

CAUTION:  Never install Microsoft Outlook on a machine that will run the Siebel Exchange Connector application, as Outlook overwrites a critical Exchange library with a less functional version.

To install a remote Exchange Connector

  • On a machine that does not contain PIMSI Engine software, follow the installation instructions found in Installing Siebel Server for PIMSI Engine.

    NOTE:  For remote Exchange Connector machines, do not enable or run the Siebel Server or PIMSI Engine or PIMSI Dispatcher software that is installed along with the Exchange Connector. Configuration values for the Server, Engine, and Dispatcher can be arbitrary, since the remote Exchange Connector machine will not use them.

For information about configuring Exchange Connectors on PIMSI Engine machines and remote Exchange Connectors, see Configuring Siebel Server Sync.

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