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About PIMSI Dispatcher

PIMSI Dispatcher is a Siebel Server Component that performs the following actions at regular, configurable intervals:

  • Determines which users require synchronization within a synchronization cycle due to changes in Siebel data. For example, if 1000 users have synchronization enabled, Dispatcher identifies which of those users have had Siebel data change since the user's last successful synchronization.
  • Sends a synchronization Task Request to PIMSI Engine for each user who has synchronization enabled. The Task Request contains a SiebelChangeFlag property that indicates whether Siebel data changes need to be synchronized or not. For all such Task Requests, PIMSI Engine synchronizes any changes in that user's Exchange data that have been made since the user's last successful synchronization. If SiebelChangeFlag is set to Y, then PIMSI Engine also synchronizes changes in the user's Siebel data.

NOTE:  If the SSSE Dispatcher goes offline, synchronization stops until the SSSE Dispatcher is restarted. You can set PIMSI Dispatcher to restart automatically upon failure.

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