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Creating, Modifying, or Deleting an Appointment

You can add a new appointment, change an existing appointment, or remove an appointment in either the Siebel application or Outlook. Synchronization is automatic.

Automatic or manual archiving of an Outlook stores the record externally and deletes the record from the active data store. SSSE treats this operation as a deletion in Outlook, which typically leads to the deletion of the corresponding Siebel record at the next synchronization.

In the specific case where the Owner adds a Contact attendee to an appointment in the Siebel application, or removes a Contact attendee from an appointment in the Siebel application, the change is synchronized in the participant lists of the corresponding Exchange calendar items for all sync-enabled participants.

NOTE:  If an Owner removes a participant from a recurring appointment in Exchange, the change is not synchronized in the Siebel application, but neither does the older Siebel data overwrite the change in Exchange. If the Owner changes appointment header information (such as Start Date, End Date, and Description) in Exchange, these header changes are synchronized in the Siebel application.

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