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Adding URLs

URLs can be added to questions to provide links to static, non-SWE-generated HTML pages. This is done by adding a URL reference tag inside the question translation text. These URLs should always be opened in a separate browser and should not reference Siebel pages.


You can go to the<a href="" target="_blank">Siebel Home Page</a> for more information

Formatting Example

You can use standard HTML in the question translation text to customize your scripts. The following text was copied directly from the Question field in the Translations form under the Questions view:

<b> Step 1:</b>Click the Add button to add a new data source. <BR> <BR> <img src = "\\main\demofile\demo38\my_images\SmartScriptImages\SmartScript_buildX\DB2_Client_Connector_CreateDataSrc.gif">

Your server administrator can provide you with the correct locations for images, applets, stylesheets, and so on, if you wish to use such elements in a SmartScript.

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