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The Verify Wizard

SmartScript includes a tool to test and verify scripts—the Verify Wizard. This tool can check for any or all of the following problems:

  • Pages that cannot be reached through any branch
  • Questions that cannot be reached through any branch
  • Missing answer branches
  • Missing translations

The Verify Wizard will also attempt to clean up dangling references and remove unreachable branches. These are problems which may occur when making deletions to an existing SmartScript. If you have these problems, they may cause a script to fail to execute or export but will be cleaned up with the Verify Wizard. You should not choose this option if you still are editing the script and plan on making revisions. Otherwise, Script elements with which you are still working may be deleted.

To invoke the Verify Wizard, click the Scripts List menu on the SmartScript Administration screen, and select Verify. The Wizard checks all the items that you select for verification. You must select Clean up dangling references and Remove all Unreachable Branches to execute these actions.

To verify a script

  1. In the SmartScript Administration screen, click the menu button, and then select Verify.

    The Wizard starts and displays the Verify Intro view, in which you select the items to be verified.

  2. Make your selections by clicking the check boxes, and then click Next.

    The Wizard checks the page branches and displays a list of any pages that cannot be reached.

  3. Click next through the next three screens to see:
    • Pages which are not referenced properly in the script.
    • Pages that are not reachable through branching.
    • Other missing attributes.
  4. Click Next.

    The Wizard displays a summary of all errors found and indicates which were fixed automatically. Optionally, you can view a tree-structured display of the objects in the script.

  5. Note any errors found so you can correct them, and then click Finish.

Be sure to verify your script again after you have made corrections, in case you have missed some errors or introduced new ones.

When your script has been verified with no errors, run it several times, using different answers at the various branch points to make sure that it behaves as you intended.

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