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Methods Used with Questions

The SmartScriptQuestion object type represents a single question of the SmartScript being executed. This type of object is the one that is most often modified using Siebel VB or Siebel eScript.

To access the VB or eScript scripting area

  1. Navigate to Site Map > SmartScript Administration > Scripts.
  2. Click the Programs view tab.

    The scripting area appears.

To add script VB or eScript to a standard script event

  1. Navigate to Site Map > SmartScript Administration.
  2. Select the script, then click the Programs view tab.
  3. Click New, then click in the Name field and select an event type from the drop-down list.
  4. Click in the Program Language field and select the program language from the drop-down list, then choose Save Record from the Programs menu.
  5. In the Scripts applet below, enter your required code, then select Save Record from the Scripts menu.

NOTE:  Each question has the option of using Siebel VB or Siebel eScript (JS). Every question method has to use the same language per question. This means that the languages can be different for different questions, but within the same question, the languages must be the same.

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