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Data Storage in SmartScript

Answers gathered through SmartScripts may be stored in a number of ways. You also have the option of not storing questions at all. Storage methods are listed below:

  • In a generic answer table: This table is always available without further configuration. This storage method is particularly useful when data is to be summarized later through an external system. Data stored in answer tables can be extracted for external processing by using the Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager. For more information, see Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager Administration Guide.
  • In a particular business component field. For more information, see Siebel Tools Reference.

If the script Save Session parameter is set to Finished, Always, or Finished/Time-out, and the question save answer table flag is checked, the script session information including questions and answers can be viewed or analyzed in the Script Session Administration View.

Answers should be stored in business component fields when the SmartScript is collecting data that is represented in the system's business objects. For example, caller information collected during a script-controlled transaction should result in a new or updated record in the Contact business component.

Questions that accept answers, but do not store them, can be used to determine which branch should be followed. For example, a consumer information center might both supply information about rebate offers and answer questions about product safety. The question of which of these topics is the reason for a call may not be relevant to the particular call record, but the answer will probably determine which pages of the script should be displayed.

NOTE:  The "Save Session" parameter and "Save Answer" flag may not be used independently of each other. They are designed to work together to save answers to the Sessions Tables. They are also independent of Save Buscomp, Save Field and Save Bus Object. There is no setting that affects when answers are saved to the Save BusComp fields.

To view saved SmartScripts in an employee application

  1. From the employee application home page, click the SmartScript screen tab.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select My Saved Sessions.

To view saved SmartScripts as an administrator

  1. Navigate to Site Map > SmartScript Administration.
  2. From the Show drop-down list, select Script Sessions.

    A script that has been saved using the Finish Later button will be able to be restarted from this screen. If the contact ID is set during the script, it will populate into the script sessions table. In this case, a script session can be viewed by its association with a contact in the Contacts screen.

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