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About the Customer Dashboard

The Customer Dashboard provides employees with persistent access to customer data, such as contact name, phone number, and interaction history. This data remains in the same location in the screen at the top, as long as the session is active and the dashboard is not closed. The Dashboard may also be active when the Search Center or Siebel-supported communications channels are active.


The employee on an outbound telemarketing campaign logs into a predictive dialer using the Siebel Communication toolbar. Upon logging into the campaign, the predictive dialer begins contacting individuals and filters out answering machines, no answers, and busy signals.

While the employee is greeting the caller, SmartScript opens and the appropriate SmartScript for the campaign appears. By the time the employee has concluded greeting the caller, the initiated SmartScript page is read and the employee has the appropriate data to continue the interaction.

If at any point in time, the employee forgets key information about the customer or contact (for example, name, phone number, and so on), the employee can refer to the Dashboard.

If a call center employee regularly needs additional information about the contact, the Dashboard can be customized to provide access to different views, so that the employee can navigate to information related to the active customer.

If an employee regularly needs to search information, the Dashboard can be customized such that the results of the search populate the Dashboard. With the customization mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the employee can then navigate to information related to the search results.

If the caller gets accidentally disconnected, the employee can initiate an outbound call to reestablish the connection.

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