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CSSFrameListWeb and CSSSWEFrameListWeb Classes

The CSSFrameListWeb and CSSSWEFrameListWeb classes are specialized frame classes for ERM, ePortal, and eBriefing applications. CSSSWEFrameListWeb is used by ERM-related modules such as Compensation Planning, Group News, and eContent. It provides functionality for hiding an applet with no data, field-level visibility control, and other useful functionality for ERM applications.

The discussion of these classes focuses on the SWE version. However, it applies to both the SWE and the non-SWE version. For more information on the relationship between these classes, see Relationship Between SWE and Non-SWE Classes.

Usage Guidelines

You can use this class only in ERM-related applications. If you want to use a modified version of the CSSSWEFrameListWeb class, then create a new class based on this class. Do not make modifications to the base class.



Accessible Methods

Not applicable

Applet User Properties

The following applet user property is available for use in CSSSWEFrameListWeb. For more information on this user property, see User Properties.

Control User Properties

Not applicable

Dependencies and Limitations

This class should only be used for applets belonging to the ERM module.

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