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CSSFrameBase and CSSSWEFrameBase Classes

The CSSFrameBase and CSSSWEFrameBase classes provide functionalities through applet user properties and invoke methods, such as Aspect user properties and the GotoView method, that are useful in many common situations.

The discussion of these classes focuses on the SWE version. However, it applies to both the SWE and the non-SWE version. For more information on the relationship between these classes, see Relationship Between SWE and Non-SWE Classes.

NOTE:  The FrameListBase classes contain the same functionality and behaviors as their FrameBase counterparts. Therefore, the descriptions that follow also apply to CSSFrameListBase and CSSSWEFrameListBase.

Usage Guidelines

The CSSSWEFrameBase class is used for base frame functionality. It implements applet user properties and methods that are common to many applications.



Accessible Methods

The following methods are accessible from CSSSWEFrameBase. For more information on these methods, see CSSFrameBase and CSSSWEFrameBase Methods.

Applet User Properties

The following applet user properties are available for use in CSSSWEFrameBase. For more information on these user properties, see User Properties.

Control User Properties

Not applicable

Dependencies and Limitations


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