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CSSBCForecastBase Class

CSSBCForecastBase is strictly a base class. It should be used only as a parent class and no business component should be an instance of CSSBCForecastBase. The CSSBCForecast Class is one example of a subclass of CSSBCForecastBase.

Usage Guidelines

You can use the CSSBCForecastBase class for adding and deleting detail and summary records in forecasts.



Accessible Methods

The following methods are accessible from CSSBCForecastBase. For more information on these methods, see CSSBCForecastBase Methods.

Business Component User Properties

Not applicable

Field User Properties

Not applicable

Dependencies and Limitations

The Forecast business components are tightly integrated together. The business components that start with Forecast 2000 are heavily dependent on each other. Even small changes can lead to many unexpected behaviors. The Revenue business component is also tied into this, so be careful when making changes to the Revenue business component.

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