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Using Methods in Business Component Classes

Only the methods documented in the Siebel Object Interfaces Reference are supported for use in scripting. The typical means for invoking any of the methods that are accessible in business component classes is by using the InvokeMethod method. Do not assume that any method that is accessible in business component classes can be invoked directly, that is, by its method name and arguments only, unless it is specifically stated that the method can be invoked directly.

The syntax of InvokeMethod varies depending on the scripting language that you use, so specific syntax is not provided in the descriptions of methods that are accessible in business component classes.

NOTE:  Input arguments for methods that are accessible in business component classes are listed in the order in which they must be provided in the call, independent of the scripting language you use.

Some methods can be used to underlie custom buttons and commands. Whether a method underlying a button or command is invoked by custom script or by script provided in the preconfigured application, typically the method must be invoked by using InvokeMethod.

For information on InvokeMethod and its syntax, see Siebel Object Interfaces Reference.

For information about configuring buttons and commands, see Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications.

NOTE:  Intercepting a method and augmenting its logic before or after it is invoked can cause unpredictable behavior in your Siebel application.

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