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CSSBCPharmaSpecializedAct Class

CSSBCPharmaSpecializedAct is one of many in the hierarchy of classes that make up the call-reporting module in Siebel Life Sciences. This class provides functionality for the following:

  • Creating inter-table records in S_ACT_EMP for attendee calls
  • Calculating time off territory based on business hours
  • Making sure that the Start Date, End Date, Duration, Planned, and Planned Completion fields are synchronized by recalculating when one is changed so that the calendar displays activities correctly
Usage Guidelines

This class cannot be used for any other business components other than the Pharma call-reporting business components in Siebel Life Sciences because many of the business component and field names are hard coded in the class methods.



Accessible Methods

Not applicable

Business Component User Properties

The following business component user property is available for use in CSSBCPharmaSpecializedAct. For more information on this and other user properties, see User Properties.

Field User Properties

Not applicable

Dependencies and Limitations

The functionality of CSSBCPharmaSpecializedAct is highly specialized, and it is not recommended that customers use this class for typical business components. The functionality in this class relies on specific field names, other business components, and other classes in the call-reporting hierarchy to fully accomplish its tasks.

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