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CSSBCQuote Class

The class CSSBCQuote is for the Quote business component in the Quote module. Quote is part of the Order Management process that allows users to enter products that they want to order as line items, and applies pricing information to the products. The Quote module integrates with other modules to allow users to convert a quote into an order. This class defines specialized functionality applied to Quotes.

Usage Guidelines

You can use this class to invoke specialized Quote behaviors for the Quote business component and other business components that behave the same way and use the same table as the Quote business component.

The Extended Quantity Field user property is required for CSSBCQuote. If the Credit Check user property is set to Y, then the Credit Check Workflow user property is required.


CSSBCBase Class

Accessible Methods

The following methods are accessible from CSSBCQuote. For more information on these methods, see CSSBCQuote Methods.

BC User Properties

The following business component user properties are available for use in CSSBCQuote. For more information on these user properties, see User Properties.

Field User Properties

Not applicable

Dependencies and Limitations


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