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Applet Style

The style sheet declares eight applet styles. Each style declares substyles; through inheritance, it is possible to switch the root applet style and receive all the other substyle differences automatically. A description of the substyles follows.


Controls number one through eight. The .AppletStyle# is the root class or logical CSS container for an applet.


Controls the font and color characteristics of elements that appear on the button bar.


Controls the border characteristics of the applet. The border is defined as the rectangular region around the form or list, not including tabs or button bars.

.AppletHIFormBorder, .AppletHIListBorder

Controls the highlight color of the applet when it is selected. See Applet Select.


Controls the background color of empty space in the applet. Used to make sure that the area to the right of the applet tab appears white (not the background color of the form or list).


Controls the background color of the form or list.


Controls the background color, text, and link characteristics of applet titles. These titles usually appear within tabs at the top of the applet.

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