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Considerations for Using Applet Templates

Mapping a MiniButton

You should never map a native HTML button to a list or form. The Siebel Business UI standard is to use the custom control called MiniButton. It can be found in the custom control drop-down within the Web Applet Layout Editor. Set the MiniButton properties as you would a regular control.

Displaying the Button Divider Between Buttons

To save time during configuration, the button divider is automatically added after the menu button and before the previous record button when those buttons are mapped to your applet.

Displaying the Record Navigation Buttons

There are two record navigation controls implemented as custom controls: RecNavPrv and RecNavNxt. All record navigation should map these controls because they take up less space and are found within the interface. All record navigation that has carried the Previous or Next text labels should be migrated to this new standard.

Vertical Alignment of Fields in a Non-Grid Four-Column Form

Each column of fields is laid out independently of the others. This approach maximizes form layout options and minimizes gaps between fields within the same column. A drawback to this approach is that vertical alignment of fields across columns cannot be guaranteed. To maximize the potential for vertical alignment, place taller fields (such as text area fields) at the bottom of forms.

Mapping a FormSection in a Form

A form section is not a control; it is a label that helps to group related fields. Form sections are implemented as a custom control called FormSection. In Siebel Tools, find FormSection in the custom control drop-down within the Web Applet Layout Editor. Map the control onto a label, and fill in its Caption property. The FormSection label expands to fit the region in which you place it. To set it apart, the label appears against the FormSection color defined in CSS.

NOTE:  In non-grid forms, the control might not appear to expand to fit within the layout editor, but it is rendered correctly in the running application.

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