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Query By Example

Searching or query by example (QBE) can be performed through the user interface list columns or controls as predefined queries, or specified in the Search Specification property. The syntax is slightly different when done through the user interface but, in all cases, the syntax is simple BNF (Backus-Naur Format).

QBE Statement

:   condition
:   expression


:   comparison
:   NOT condition
:   condition [AND | OR] condition


:   expression [~] [= | < | > | <= | >= | [NOT] [~] LIKE] expression


:   constant
:   identifier
:   function


:   number
:   string (double quoted)
:   date (double quoted)   "MM/DD/YY"
         (separator must be "/")
:   time (double quoted)   "HH:MM:SS"
         (separator must be ":")
:   date and time (double quoted)
   "MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS"   (space required)


:   [field name]

NOTE:  For date and time formats in controls and list columns, use the format specified in the Control Panel. In Search Specification or predefined query form, use the business component format.

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