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Specifies the location to place any JavaScript that may be generated for the page.






The Siebel Web Engine includes some JavaScript code in every page that is sent to the browser. The requirement is for these scripts to occur after all the Siebel content in the page, but within the HTML <body> tag.

The <swe:scripts> tag is used to indicate to the Siebel Web Engine where to place the JavaScript. By default, if this tag is not specified, the Siebel Web Engine places the JavaScript code immediately after the last tag on the page. In some cases this might occur within an HTML formatting tag like <td>... </td>, and sometimes this might cause minor formatting problems in browsers when rendering the page.

NOTE:  The <swe:scripts> tag should be the last Siebel tag in the template, and should be contained within the HTML <body> tag.

As mentioned, the Siebel Web Engine always checks for the correct placement of this tag, repositions it if needed, and removes any superfluous <swe:scripts> tags.

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