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Provides a placeholder in an Applet Web Template for a Control object, or a List Column object.


<swe:control id="1" property="xxx" />


Id. Maps an applet child object, Control, or List Column to this placeholder tag.

Property. This is optional. If present, this attribute indicates the property of the control or list item that should be rendered on the Web page. If property is not specified, this indicates that the tag shows the body only if the control ID is mapped. This attribute should only be used in singleton tags.

The following values can be used for the property attribute.



Displays the data for a control or list item in HTML.


Shows the caption property of the control or list item.


Shows a column header for list columns that includes links for sorting the column. This property value should be used only with swe:control tags that are mapped to list columns in a Base template for List Applets.


Shows an icon if the control is Required. (For example, the user needs to enter a value for the control before the record can be committed to the database.) The icon to be used is defined in the configuration file for the application under the SWE section, using the parameter RequiredIndicator.

NOTE:  When the property attribute is not specified, the property can be displayed within the body of the <swe:control> tag using the <swe:this> tag.


Can be used in Applet Web Templates of type Base, Edit, New, or Query.

swe:control cannot be nested; for example, the following usage is not supported:

<swe:control id = "1"> <!-- the "parent" control

<swe:this property = "displayname"/>

<swe:this property = "formattedHtml"/>

<swe:control id = "2" property="formattedHtml">

<!-- A child control gets context or

<!-- inherits properties from its "parent"

</swe:control>         <!-- End of parent -->

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