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Iterates the specified number of times. Allows you to reduce the size of template files where the same HTML and Siebel tags are used with controls or page items with different values for the ID parameter.


<swe:for-each count="x" iteratorName="yyyy" startValue="z"/>


Count. Specifies the number of times the tag should iterate its contents.

startValue. The value that should be assigned to the iterator at the start of the iteration. The tag starts the iteration by assigning this value to the iterator, and increments the iterator by one for each iteration.

iteratorName. The name of the iterator. This name can be used to get the value of the iterator during the iteration using the syntax swe:iteratorName.

You must replace the iteratorName with the actual name of the iterator. For example, if you set the value of the iteratorName to "CurrentID", then you can get the value of the iterator using the syntax swe:CurrentID.



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