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Inner Join Extension Table n

For a business component based on the S_PARTY table, this user property specifies an extension table to S_PARTY for which the join to the extension table is an inner join.


The value of this user property is the name of a table, not enclosed in quotes. The table specified should be an extension table of S_PARTY.


Many business components, among them organization, account, and position, are based on the Siebel Party Model and are used to configure access control and visibility. These business components are based on one or more inner joins to the base S_PARTY table. For a given business component, the Inner Join Extension Table user property specifies a table that is inner-joined to the S_PARTY table.

Inner Join Extension Table must be used if you create a new business component that is based on the Siebel Party Model. You may need to create such a business component in order to configure visibility for a group that does not fit any of the existing Siebel Party Model business components. You would then use this user property to define one or more tables that are implicitly joined to the S_PARTY base table.

This user property can also be specified with a number appended. For a given business component, the value associated with the property that has the lowest number is the primary extension table.

For example, for the Employee business component, Inner Join Extension Table 1 has value S_CONTACT, Inner Join Extension Table 2 has value S_USER, and Inner Join Extension Table 3 has value S_EMP_PER. Three extension tables are specified, of which S_CONTACT is the primary extension table.

You must not inactivate this user property or modify its value. You can create new instances of this user property, if necessary.

CAUTION:  To understand the implications of using the S_PARTY table to define parties other than those provided with Siebel Business Applications, please see details on the Party model in Configuring Siebel eBusiness Applications.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Party-related business components

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