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Manager List Mode

This user property allows you to specify whether records related to only subordinate primary team members are displayed or records related to all team members reporting to a manager are displayed in a manager view.


The value for the Manager List Mode user property must be either Primary or Team.


When the Manager List Mode user property is set to Primary (the default value), the records for the subordinate primaries are displayed in the manager view.

When the Manager List Mode user property is set to Team, the records for all people who report to a given manager are visible in a manager view, rather than just the primaries. When set to Team, it performs a subquery for the My Team's views to retrieve and display the accounts, opportunities, and so on, for all members of the team, not just the primary.

In Team mode, performance is slower but yields more data.

When you set the Manager List Mode user property to Team, you must also inactivate the Primary docking rules and activate the Team docking rules:

  • Opportunities. Activate rule #13.
  • Accounts. Activate rule #18.
  • Contacts. Activate rule #24.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

eBusiness Application Integration Test

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