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Non-SalesRep View Mode SearchSpec

This user property allows you to specify the search specification of the business component when the application is not in Sales Rep mode.


The value for this user property must be a valid search specification for the business component. The fields must exist in the business component and the values for the fields must be valid.

For example, "[Secure Flag] = 'N' OR [Secure Opty Id] IS NOT NULL" is a valid search specification. This value references two fields in the business component (Secure Flag and Secure Opty Id) and has valid values for these fields ('N' and 'IS NOT NULL'). Also, from a business perspective, this value for the user property makes sense because it only displays records from the business component that are not secure, or records that have a value specified for the Secure Opty Id field (indicating that the current record is not secure).


You can inactivate and modify the values for this user property. You can also create new instances of this user property as needed.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area


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