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Picklist Pre Default Field n

Within a view based on a parent business component, such as Action, the user may be able to create a new record of a child business component, such as Opportunity, through a picklist for the child business component. The Picklist Pre Default Field user property is used to default fields on the new record of the child business component to field values from the parent business component record.


"field", "'buscomp1.field1','buscomp2.field2',' . . .'"


  • field is a field on the current business component
  • buscompn.fieldn is a field name on a parent business component

NOTE:  The list of buscompn.fieldn entries is enclosed in double quotes, and each buscompn.fieldn entry is enclosed in single quotes.


This property can be specified with or without the numeric suffix. You should append the numeric suffix to differentiate between multiple instances on a business component. For example, add Picklist Pre Default Field 1 and Picklist Pre Default Field 2 user properties to a business component to specify two different fields that should assume default field values from the parent business component.

For example, a new opportunity can be created through an Opportunity picklist in each of the following applets:

  • Activity Form Applet, based on the Action business component
  • Comm Outbound Item Form Applet, based on the Comm Outbound Email business component

When a new opportunity is created from the picklist in either context, the opportunity's Account and Account Id fields can be defaulted to the corresponding field values on the parent record by adding the following user properties to the Opportunity business component:

  • Picklist Pre Default Field 1 with value "Account", "'Action.Account Name', 'Comm Outbound Email.Account Name'"
  • Picklist Pre Default Field 2 with value "Account Id", "'Action.Account Id', 'Comm Outbound Email.Account Id'"

You can inactivate or modify the values for this user property. You can also create new instances of this user property as needed.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Picklist generation

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