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Recipient Communications User Properties

Recipient Email Address Field and Recipient Fax Address Field are used by Communications Server to send email packages. Generic email and fax recipients that appear in the Pick Recipient applet are obtained through user properties. The list of recipients that appear in the Pick Recipient applet consists of generic names such as Service Request Owner and Contact Name, rather than the actual names of the persons, which are then obtained from the business component records.

These generic names are configured in user properties in each business component. Just as the set of templates that is listed in the Body drop-down list in Send Email and Send Fax dialog boxes is configurable, the list of generic recipients in that dialog box is also configurable. However, recipients are added through business component user property child object definitions. Generic recipient means a generic name for the person, rather than the person's name, email address, or fax number.

For example, when the user generates an email or fax for a service request record, the user has the choice of Service Request Owner or Service Request Contact for recipients. For a contact record, the user might see only Contact Name. The actual names are not listed in the Pick Recipient applet. The name and corresponding fax number or email address is often extracted from specific fields in the current business component record. Contact records are an example of this, as they contain name, email address, and fax number fields.

Alternatively, the recipient information may be obtained from a record in another business component through a Join. An example of this is service requests. The Service Request Owner recipient information comes from an employee record and the Service Request Contact information comes from a contact record. These fields are based on Joins from the service request record. To configure nonjoined generic recipients, configure the user property child object definitions of the business component.

The following recipient communications user properties are described in subsequent topics:

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