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Required Position MVField

This user property modifies the behavior of the WriteRecord method to check and require that the current employee must hold at least one position.


The value for the Required Position MVField user property uses the following syntax:

"[Employee Flag]", "[Position MVField]"

Quotes are required.

  • [Employee Flag]   Specifies the Employee Flag field that sits on S_CONTACT.EMP_FLG.
  • [Position MVField]   Specifies the multivalue field for the positions that the employee holds.


The relationship of the multivalue field should go through S_PARTY_PER table. Do not confuse this with the positions that can see the Employee or Contact record; that relationship goes through the S_POSTN_CON table.

This user property is ignored when the business component is used within the EAI or Siebel Adapter context.

You can inactivate and modify the values for this user property. You can also create new instances of this user property as needed.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

This user property applies only to employee-related business components.

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