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Revenue Aggregation Field n

This user property specifies a field in the business component that is rolled up into the summary record from the detail records.


The value of the Revenue Aggregation Field user property must be a field name in the Forecast 2000 -- Forecast Item Detail business component.

For example, a Revenue Aggregation Field user property with the value Amount Revenue sums the Amount Revenue field from the detail records and stores the sum in the summary record.


Details and summaries are on the same business component. A summary record sums one or more fields of the detail records for the summary date range.

You can create additional instances of this user property as needed. If you have more than one instance of this user property for a business component, they are executed sequentially by number (for example, Revenue Aggregation Field 1, then Revenue Aggregation Field 2, and so on). If there is only one such user property, then no number is required.

You can also inactivate this user property.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area


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