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Show Required n

The Show Required user property allows you to specify a control on the applet to be required. The control specified in the value of this user property is validated as an applet-level required field.


The value of the Show Required n user property is the name of a control on the applet.


When using the Show Required user property, the corresponding business component must use the CSSBCUser class. Additionally, the control specified in the value of this user property must be present on the applet user interface; otherwise, the user has no way of entering a value for the required control.

For example, creating a user property called Show Required 1 with the value EmailAddress causes the EmailAddress control on the Applet to be required.

You can create additional instances of this user property as needed. If you have more than one instance of this user property for an applet, they are executed sequentially by number (for example, Show Required 1, then Show Required 2, and so on).

You can also inactivate this user property.

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