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TargetProp n

This user property allows you to specify a target list for a business component.

NOTE:  For a complete description of how to configure a target list, see the "Global Target List Management" section of the Applications Administration Guide.


The value for the TargetProp user property consists of three quoted parameters separated by a comma and a space, as follows:

"EntityDisplayName", "MVFName", "ListCategory"

EntityDisplayName is a Language-Independent Code value defined for the SLM_FIELD_DISPLAY LOV. MVFName is the name of the multi-value field that stores the target list. ListCategory is one of the display values defined for the SLM_LST_CATEGORY LOV (Account, Contact, Employee, Position, or Prospect).

For example:

"Accounts", "List Mgmt List Id", "Accounts"


You can create new instances of this user property, as needed, for each target list. If you have more than one instance of this user property in a business component, they are executed sequentially by number (for example, TargetProp 1, then TargetProp 2, and so on). If there is only one such user property, then no number is required.

You can also inactivate or modify the value for this user property.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area


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