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Assignment Object

This user property provides the assignment object to which the Assignment Manager server component's Assignment Object Name (AsgnObjectName) parameter is set when running interactive assignment.


The value of this user property is the name of an assignment object, without quotes, that is a child of a workflow policy object. In the Siebel Tools Explorer, see Siebel Objects > Workflow Policy Objects > Assignment Objects for well-defined assignment objects.

For example, the Activity List View is based on the Action business component. By setting the Assignment Object user property on the Action business component to Activity, when a user chooses Menu > Assign while in a child form applet in the Activity List View, the activity, instead of some other object, is added back to the Assignment Manager queue for reassignment to a new owner.


You should inactivate this property only if you intend to turn off interactive assignment and you must also remove any related controls from the user interface. You can also modify the values for this user property. However, you cannot create new instances of this user property.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Activities, service requests, opportunities

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