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Contact Relationship Type

This user property specifies a list of relationship types that indicate the contact has a line of influence.


The value of the Contact Relationship Type user property consists of one or more relationship types. Multiple relationship types should be separated by a comma and a space (for example, Influencer, TAS Influencer). These types typically come from the CONTACT_RELATIONSHIP_TYPE LOV.


The value of this user property populates the RELATION_TYPE_CD column of the S_CONTACT_REL table (the intersection table between Contact and Contact Relationship business components) when one box in an organization chart is dragged and dropped onto another box while the Ctrl key is pressed.

For example, when Box A in an organization chart is dragged and dropped on Box B while the Ctrl key is pressed, CONTACT_ID will be the row id of Box A and REL_CONTACT_ID will be the row id of Box B.

You can modify the values for this user property. However, you cannot inactivate or create new instances of this user property.

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